How to accelerate python application GUI speed

Mark Roach mrroach at
Wed Sep 3 16:31:05 CEST 2003

On Wed, 03 Sep 2003 06:32:42 -0700, ulysses wrote:

> Hi,all
> I use wxPython make a bittorrent client. I find wxPython very slow and
> use many many memory.
> When app start, it need 19MB memory. I only use common GUI components.
> Python is a really good
> programming language. But how to do a small,smart, efficency GUI in
> win32,it's a big question.
> 5. I have a another idea. use wxWindows (c lan) build a GUI. embed
> python code .
> or embed wxWindows code to python by SWIG. I have't test it. if you
> have do it.
> Please tell us.

Swig is how wxPython works already. If you wanted to do the whole gui in
C++, and just have python launch the code, you can do an extension pretty
easily, see my wiki entry here:
(I'm not sure that this will make any difference wrt memory usage though.)

I think that letting C++ "drive" your code will be a significantly greater
time investment, I'm not sure how much of an effort it is to get the
python mainloop and the wxWin mainloop to work together, but since it is
already done for me with wxPython, I don't think I'll go trying to find
out either :-)


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