Anybody else having problem *sending* mail to this list?

Tim Peters at
Fri Sep 5 03:16:39 CEST 2003

[Terry Reedy]
> Yes, a worldwide virus-induced mail blizzard.  Someone (Skip M. I
> think) annouced yesterday or so that the Python mail server was down
> for a breather.  Today, someone said it was backed-up, back up, but
> slow.  Hence, this arrived at Giganews over a day after you sent it.

During part of this mess, the email server also ran out of disk space, and
the older exim version in use appeared to keep crashing under the load.  As
a result, last I heard (this afternoon) Barry was pretty sure that a great
many messages are simply going to be lost forever, on the order of
100,000(!).  Almost all of those are worm turds (idiotic "you have a virus!"
warnings sent back by other email servers in response to a Sobig message
with headers forged to make it look like it came from  Still,
some real email is doubtless lost too.  People looking for someone to blame
should focus on Sobig's author -- Barry has endured enough abuse <0.6 wink>.

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