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Mon Sep 29 09:30:22 CEST 2003

 as we are going to develop a educational s/w for children at preprimary level 
we are facing some problems in deciding what platform to choose and what s/w to 
use. so please help.
-we have more of graphics work.
-we have two students working simutaneously on one system.
-we will be having 4-5 systems in total in one classroom.

-----shall we go for one system as a linux sever with somewhat higher 
configuration and rest as terminals (lower configuration)and each terminal 
connected to the server. what configuration do you suggest which is reasonable 
and sufficient.


-----shall we go for individual terminals with Linux 7.3, and with a minimum of 
around 600 MB of free space,Minimum requirement for RAM 32 MB. (Not less than 
this),Minimum requirement for Hard Disk 2.1GB,There will be no networking even 
among machines at one location. 

-----which lanuage do you suggest - c/c++ or any browser based software like 

please help and send your suggestions as soon as possible.
my email id is bmproj2003 at yahoo.com
thanks and regards

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