Python Documentation?

Steven Taschuk staschuk at
Mon Sep 1 07:04:28 CEST 2003

Quoth Daniel R. Smorey Jr.:
> I'm looking for a good place for Python documentation.  I'm really lost 
> on why it's so hard to find anything when it comes to me looking up a 
> particular function in Python.  My example would be the split() function 
> of the string module.  [...trouble searching for it at]

For full-text searches, try <>.

For functions and whatnot, there's the index of the Library
Reference, <>.

> Most of those hits are for the re module, not the string module (which 
> in my opinion should be part of python and not a module, but I digress). 

Indeed, in sufficiently recent Pythons (2.0+, I think), split() is
a method of string objects:
    >>> 'foo bar'.split()
    ['foo', 'bar']
Likewise for many other functions in the string module.

(This method is the second hit for "split" at, and is
listed in the Library Reference index.)

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