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> I just started using python a few weeks ago. This is my first
> program. You input your income and what percent you want to save
> then it tells you how much to put away. The the code works, but
> it puts in the word "none" after it calls the function. Is the
> call sytax incorrect? I'd appreciate any feedback you could
> offer .

[ ... ]

> weekly_income = income/52

> def compute(income, percent):
>     result = income*percent/100
>     print result

Note that this function prints its result and then returns None.

> print "Ok,",first_name + " " + last_name
> print
> print "This is how much you should put away a week:"
> print "$",compute(weekly_income, percent)

OTOH, it looks like this print statement expects the function to
return its result.

> print
> print "If you stick to this you will go places!!! :-)"

The simplest (and most general) solution would seem to be to
define the function to return its result:

    define compute(income, percent):
        result = income * percent / 100
        return result

Then the print statement will work as written.


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