Selecting elements from a list

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Fri Sep 5 21:11:37 CEST 2003

"Martin Christensen" <knightsofspamalot-factotum at> wrote in message
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> >>>>> "Duncan" == Duncan Smith <buzzard at> writes:
> Duncan> Computer Science at Aalborg I see.  A Bayes net man perchance?
> Duncan> I hope Uffe, Kristian et al are well. :-)
> Haha! If you're talking about the guys I'm thinking of, I just came
> home from a lovely Friday afternoon beer with them. :-) And yes, I
> happen to be doing a project involving Bayesian networks, but I'm
> originally a database guy. To keep it relevant, I did my masters
> thesis implementation stuff in Python and am very happy I did.
> Martin

Yes, messrs. Kjaerulff and Olesen.  All my Bayes net stuff is in Python.  I
must tidy it up (and rewrite my Digraph class) so I can make it available.


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