OT: Americans love their guns

Geoff Gerrietts geoff at gerrietts.net
Thu Sep 11 18:15:42 CEST 2003

Quoting Arthur (ajsiegel at optonline.net):
> I had written:
> >To in fact specifically not be a statistic.
> >Yes, there is something quite American about that viewpoint. God bless.
[ ... ]
> Except that to the extent that statistics indicate a cost to the
> freedom to gun ownership, another cost of freedom has been identified.

I think that /your freedom/ ends where /my freedom/ begins. Until you
can guarantee that your weapon will not be used against me by your
family members or the conqueror thereof, your freedoms to shoot what
you want as a hobbyist and to exercise catastrophically lethal force
in home defense are not compelling arguments.

Want to defend yourself? Learn a martial art. Worried about the guns
in the Bad Guys' hands? Me too. You can bet that when you can't walk
into a gun show, pay cash, and anonymously carry out lethal firearms,
you're going to see a lot fewer firearms in the hands of thieves.

What about my freedom to kill people who inhibit my rise to world
domination? At what point on the spectrum does "freedom" stop
justifying endangering behavior?


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