Python Documentation?

Daniel R. Smorey Jr. smory at
Mon Sep 1 16:34:22 CEST 2003

Michael Hudson wrote:
>>I'm really lost on why it's so hard to find anything when it comes
>>to me looking up a particular function in Python.  My example would
>>be the split() function of the string module.
> You mean you weren't born knowing what that did?  Sheesh, kids these
> days... <wink>.

haha, yeah, there's only one problem with knowing that function so well, 
some crazy programmers change the variable order.  Take a look at php's 
split() and python's split().  The order's are different and believe me, 
split() was only a small example of problems I've had with python 
documentation so far.  I'm working on a Zaurus problem with PyQT at the 
moment.  I know "some" C, not a lot though and have never worked with 
QT.  Man is it hard to find documentation on PyQT.  I found a great 
online book, but of course it's only a book, can't possibly have every 
feature and every snippet of PyQT.  So, since there is virtually no 
documentation on it, I have to use the C documentation and just convert 
it over.  Which I'm finding isn't really that hard since Python is such 
an object-oriented language.

My main problem is I love learning new languages.  However, my boss 
loves me getting my work done also.  If I had a place where I could go 
to find partially what I needed 70% of the time, then I'd like the 
language even more.  Python hasn't been that way so far.  But I'm 
learning and thanks to all the posts here, I'll have a better idea of 
where to find this documentation.

Thanks all...

> Cheers,
> mwh

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