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>> Not TCI but TCL... It's another script language,
>> but it's not installed with Python. Here it
>> was just an example, so you don't need it for
>> the moment. If you are interested, go to
>> www.tcl.tk.
>That's correct. 
>But to add a clarifying explanation for why I included Tcl in the
>first place, Python up to version 1.5 came with a full Tcl/Tk
>installation bundled to enable Tkinter. After 1.6 they only
>shipped the libraries so the tutorial suggestion to play with Tcl
>suddenly became invalid :-(
But not *much* invalid.  While I don't recommend it to 
the original poster, as he's a beginner, it might amuse
those with a little Python background to play with
  import Tkinter
  Tcl_script = "some Tcl script here"

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