Cool & Useful EmPy project, prior art?

Peter Milliken peterm at
Thu Sep 11 23:16:45 CEST 2003


If I understand what you want to do there is already something that does
this job for Emacs. Presumably to get it into some other target document
would require some transfer mechanism though........

Anyway, have a look at ELSE has a set of
language templates for Python.

If you really prefer a question/answer session (such as you describe) there
are other code template systems available for Emacs (that also come as part
of the Emacs distribution). They are template.el and skeleton.el. There are
no existing (to my knowledge) template definitions for Python with these
Emacs modes but I am sure they wouldn't be too hard to produce if you prefer
this form of interface.


"Ville Vainio" <ville.spammehardvainio at> wrote in message
news:du71xunfweg.fsf at
> I am thinking of implementing a nice little source code generation
> program with empy. I'm planning on having one directory with arbitrary
> number of templates. Templates can contain a significator as follows:
> @%promptuser ('classname',"the name of the class",'string'),('i',"some
> After choosing a template from the list, the user will be prompted for
> all variables specified in promptuser. Then, the template is expanded
> and copied to clipboard for manual pasting into the target document
> ('gclip' of win32 unxutils should work, how can I do it in python BTW?)
> What I'm planning seems to be a pretty "obvious", universally
> applicable application of empy (perhaps I should file for a patent if
> the EU chooses to shoot itself in the foot? ;-), and am wondering
> whether someone has already done such a beast? Perhaps with a GUI,
> even... I wouldn't mind doing it myself, it seems like a fun project,
> but time == money and something tried & true might already exist out
> there...
> --
> Ville Vainio

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