can generators be nested?

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Mon Sep 1 00:12:59 CEST 2003

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> Hi,
> Unfortunately there isn't a way of doing this - the reason is that the act
> of including the yield keyword in a function/method definition turns the
> function/method definition into a generator definition.
> The way you're doing it now:
> >    for i in gen2(): yield i
> Is the only way of doing it.
> I asked essentially the same question almost a year ago - I was concerned
> about the fragility of nesting yields.
> The fact you can't do this influenced certain aspects on the design of a
> system I'm working on for work - largely to shield users of my classes
> from the problem.
> The original thread where I asked the question is here:
>    *

If you would like to have a 'yield every', a good first step is to
file a feature request at sourceforge.

For the truly determined, writing a PEP is the surest path to
complete issue discussion followed by a BDFL pronouncement.

Raymond Hettinger

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