in Ram database?

Romuald Texier lab-nospam at
Fri Sep 5 18:54:16 CEST 2003

John D. wrote:

> Does anyone know if there is an "in-ram" dictionary based database
> for Python.
> I can see some applications where this can really be powerful in
> applications requiring 10,000 records or less.
> Is such a database available?   If so,  who is working on it,
> or where is it?
> I've heard that Python supports a stand-alone database.   I looked
> for it in the Docs,  and see the "dbm" module.   I haven't found
> any examples of code,  so don't know how to use them.   I'm one
> of those guys that learn through examples,  and have very little
> luck in figuring out how to use anything unless I can see examples
> of their use.
> My idea is that ALL datums would be Python Dictionary objects,  so
> not only can you store data,  but python objects as well.
> Storage to disk would be through pickled files,  or through CSV
> format,  allowing easy import and export from other databases.
> I'm sure something like this exists,  I just haven't found it yet,
> and if not,  then I'm well on my way of implementing one myself.
> I kinda like the idea of being able to define smaller tables as
> "in-memory" types,  and the really large massive ones in other forms
> managed by mySQL, PostGres, or bsddb3 databases.
> Any leads you guys???

Why not just use Dictionaries, or an object tree? Why do you want tables or
SQL abstraction if it is "in-memory"? Nothing else but your app will be
able to access the "live" data, anyway.

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