Encoding problems with DCOracle2

Timo Virkkala wt at nic.fi
Sun Sep 14 22:45:24 CEST 2003

I'm having some trouble with Python2.2 and DCOracle2. I'm successfully 
executing a query, and getting the result I'm hoping for - with an added 
bonus of some interesting encoding. The beginning of the result set I 
get looks like this:

[['\x00A\x001', '\x00M\x00i\x00k\x00e\x00 
\x00P\x00o\x00r\x00t\x00n\x00o\x00y', None, None, 
'\x00d\x00r\x00u\x00m\x00s'], ...

So, where are those \x00 -characters coming? It should read:

[['A1', 'Mike Portnoy', None, None, 'drums'], ...

(...it's an artist database, and that's Dream Theater's drummer..)

Timo Virkkala | wt at nic.fi

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