Tkinter cursor question

Michael Peuser mpeuser at
Sun Sep 21 17:55:07 CEST 2003

"Gary Richardson" <garyr at>
> [snip]
> >
> > @sourceName
> >     This form only works on Windows, and will load a Windows system
> > (.ani or .cur) from the file specified in sourceName.
> >

> Michael,
> Thanks for your reply. I am using Windows so I guess I'm out of luck as
> as designing my own cursor. I tried the form that is supposed to work with
> windows but no luck with that either. The code below produces the error
> message:  TclError: bad cursor spec "@CROSS_M.CUR". I also tried using the

seems it totally ignores the leading @ - always looking for a built-in
I used bitmaps some time ago (...,bitmap='@file',.. ) this worked fine.
According to the Tcl/Tk documentation, .., cursor=... should use the routine
Tk_GetCursor. However this is not available when trying to call Tcl directly

Sorry, no more ideas....

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