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Tue Sep 9 07:11:22 CEST 2003

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> Pythonistas,
> So readers... make the case for your favorite one getting on the
> list.  I have a while to ponder the opinions advanced, should this
> prompt some discussion (it may take a little while to order review
> copies of commercial tools and/or get things installed).
> Yours, David...

I recently had a look at Jedit and must say I am impressed. Python
support via Jython 2.1 - but the extensibility and philosophy that
comes with Jedit is amazing. Would be nice to have more development in
it to make it an even better Python editor that it is now. It has
advanced features, very good code folding, excellent searching, class
browser, integration with Ctags that works great with Python, regular
expression cross project search and replace, sftp, ftp, CVS
integration (GREAT) and integrated DIFF, XML and XPATH, and tons of
other very handy plugins to do 100% hands off mouseless efficient

Have a look at and install version 4.1 stable. Install
Jython from the plugins directory and make shure to set the prefrences
so that it pre-loads Jython and classes. Then install Sidekick and
tags. Set Folding mode to Sodekick and that almost completes the
setup. Now install gruntspud from the plugins directory and you have
CVS with full integration into the editor.

Only thing missing is full code completion like PythonWIn offers...

Hardy Jonck

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