Python ISPs

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Thu Sep 18 23:12:49 CEST 2003

It seems that Spyce uses underlaying Python, either CGI or mod_python.
I have only CGI Python (Windows XP, Apache) and Spyce works quite well.

PS. I know, this doesn't answer your question. Just clarification.


"Paradox" <JoeyTaj at> wrote in message news:924a9f9c.0309181224.374a5bef at
> Does anyone know of some ISPs that have Mod_Python installed. Most
> seem to allow Python CGI but not things like Mod_Python or Spyce. Is
> this a viable solution or should I just learn PHP. I would prefer to
> leverage my Python knowledge but I also would like a fast robust
> solution.
>                         Thanks Joey.

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