Python port to Swiss Ephemeris work with 2.3?

John Roth newsgroups at
Fri Sep 5 03:47:31 CEST 2003

"Dave" <bluheaven2 at> wrote in message
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> Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to use the
> Python port to the Swiss Ephemeris with the latest version Python 2.3?
> I downloaded it from the vault, and it worked fine with Python 2.2.2, but
> then when I switched to Python 2.3 it gives me this error:
> "ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found"
> Yet it has no problem importing the rest of the modules which are in the
> same directory as the dll.  Does anyone know what's going on?  Am I stuck
> using the older version of Python for the Swiss Ephemeris?  Thanks -Dave

There's a Python port in the Vaults? Great!!! I'll see what I can figure
out about it. At a rough guess, it has to be recompiled for the new version.

BTW - have you checked on the Swiss Ephemeris mailing list? Who's
the author?

John Roth

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