RAD with Python

John J. Lee jjl at pobox.com
Mon Sep 15 19:10:15 CEST 2003

Ted Holden <medved at fcc.net> writes:

> John J. Lee wrote:
> > I've never seen anybody give a convincing reason why GTk is a good
> >  choice for *anything* except writing GNOME apps.
> in a scripting language, and python appears to be several levels of
> advancement above Tcl.

Tcl, maybe, but what about wx and Qt?

> Tk appears to be more functional at this point, nonetheless there was no way
> to avoid having Tk code twisted and wound in and around app code in the Tcl
> version of the thing whereas the glade/gtk version of the thing produces a

(A side issue given the point below, but I certainly dispute that.
Even if you don't have a "GUI painter", you can separate GUI interface
from "business logic" implementation).

> gui in an XML file and an absolute minimum of anything related to guis in
> my own code.  The difference between the two is about 400 lines of very
> readable code versus about 2500 lines of code which was marginally
> readable.  I'd MUCH rather deal with pygtk, and assume anything I might
> miss from Tk will be there in a year.

Certainly a big reduction in code size like this is very worthwhile.
wx and Qt both have equivalent functionality, though, so the mere
existence of such a tool seems an irrelevance in comparing GTk, wx and

> The LINUX community appears to have developed a sort of a magical nexus of
> things including gcc, swig, python, pygtk, glade, and zope which, taken
> together, amounts to a new sort of programming paradigm.  The really big

What does this have to do with the comparison between GTk, wx and Qt,
all of which are all GPLed?

> I don't see an easy way to beat all of that.

Sorry for my repetitiveness, but: wx or Qt!


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