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Gerrit Holl gerrit at
Thu Sep 25 10:36:20 CEST 2003

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     Gerrit> When I first read the tutorial (years ago), I was really
>     Gerrit> frightened by the section on complex numbers. 
> Yes, complex numbers would be a good addition.  There is a note on above
> Wiki which indicates how to submit a term for which you don't know a
> definition.  Simply enter it as (for example)
>  * complex number - ???
> Someone else who comes along can fill in the definition.

Ah, someone appeared to have entered complex numbers along with a
definition already :)

>     Gerrit> I would have been helped then by a note that I would not need
>     Gerrit> them, and maybe even a short introduction of what they are
>     Gerrit> (however, I was 14, so I would probably not be able to
>     Gerrit> understand them).
> You kids... ;-) When I was 14 I don't think I knew what a computer was.  We
> learned how to use slide rules in algebra class.  They didn't get any
> computers at my high school until at least a couple years after I graduated.



159. If any one, who has brought chattels into his father-in-law's
house, and has paid the purchase-money, looks for another wife, and says
to his father-in-law: "I do not want your daughter," the girl's father may
keep all that he had brought.
        -- 1780 BC, Hammurabi, Code of Law
Asperger Syndroom - een persoonlijke benadering:
Het zijn tijden om je zelf met politiek te bemoeien:

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