intercepting smtp email

Rudy Schockaert rudy.schockaert at
Tue Sep 30 19:16:49 CEST 2003

Woldn't this require something like winpcap? I know some folks have 
attempted to call winpcap from within Python, but I don't know if they 
succeeded. If my memory serves well, it was Gerhard Häring who did 
something with it.

I would also be interested in something similar, but then for MSN 
traffic. Decoding the MSN Messenger stream is not the problem, capturing 
the traffic from a promiscous nic in Python is where I get stuck.

>>Now you got me corious, is that possible in python?
>>Possibly by extending it with som C of course...
> I've got no idea where you would put that kind of hook
> in Windows.
> John Roth
>>>>>I want to write an NT service that will intercept any outgoing smtp
>>>>>traffic, like Norton Antivirus does.  Can anyone tell me how I can
> do
>>>>>something like this in Python?  I do not know how to intercept the
>>>>>outgoing traffic, specifically.

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