Binary data handling ?

Tim Roberts timr at
Tue Sep 2 17:53:52 CEST 2003

>> "Bill Loren" <lorenb2 at> wrote:
>> >I'm having difficulties to accomplish some simple chores with binary
>> >data.  I'm having a string (?) which I received via an HTTP 
>> >transactions which is a binary file. Problem is the webserver I'm 
>> >communicating with injected a \x0D before every \x0A, and I need to
>> >remove those 0x0D characters from my buffer before saving it to disk.
>> >
>> >any ideas ?

Tim wrote:

>> I'll bet you real money that the problem is not in the web server.  I'd
>> wager that the string is correct when you receive it, but that you are
>> writing it to file like this:
>>    file('out.txt','w').write(download)
>> On a Windows system, that'll turn all the LFs into CR-LFs.  Use this
>> instead:
>>    file('out.txt','wb').write(download)

On Mon, 1 Sep 2003 09:07:41 +0200, Bill Loren wrote:
>Indeed !
>thanks !!!
>if I use the 'wb' will it work on a unix system, too ?

Yes.  The 'b' is ignored on Unix.

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