None, False, True

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Wed Sep 17 22:06:01 CEST 2003

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> "Pettersen, Bjorn S" <BjornPettersen at> 
> > > From: M-a-S [mailto:NO-MAIL at] 
> > > >>> None = 3
> > 
> > you're assigning the value 3 to the name 'None'
> > 
> > > <stdin>:1: SyntaxWarning: assignment to None
> > 
> > the compiler warns you that 'None' is a special name that 
> > you probably don't want to rebind.
> > 
> Actually the compiler warns you that 'None' is s special name that you
> probably _didn't_ want to rebind.  But you have.

Well, I'm assuming he did want to when he did it, but that he doesn't
want to after reading the syntax warning... (then again English isn't my
first language <wink>). How about: "the compiler informs you that you've
just rebound the name 'None' which has a high probability of being an

> As you can see, the compiler doesn't issue such warnings 
> with regard to 'True' and 'False.'  

Nor any other identifiers...

> Does that explain it?

Sure.. depending on what 'it' is :-)

-- bjorn
(I really should stop reading this Clinton biography <grin>).

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