Need arguments for "Python vs. Perl as an OOPL"

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At 09:24 PM 9/22/2003, Roy Smith wrote:

>I'm working on a prototype of a new application in Python.  At some
>point, if this ever turns into a product, the powers that be will almost
>certainly demand that it be done in Perl.  My job will be to convince
>them otherwise.

So you may need to understand the factors that the powers use to make such 
a decision.
If they are not themselves programmers, they may have a harder time 
understanding language differences.
Are they concerned that there will be other Python programmers available?
Consider asking them on what bases they make these decisions (what needs of 
their's are they meeting by sticking with Perl). Then see if there is a way 
that choosing Python will help meet these needs also or better.
Also be on the alert whether they are acting from a rational place or an 
emotional one. Realize that management usually has to make decisions based 
on incomplete data (for that matter so do we), so there's worry, fear, etc 
When management gets that you understand their needs, then you are in a 
better position to have your needs and desires heard.

For more on this approach visit (Center for Non-Violent 

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