adodbapi / string encoding problem

Achim Domma domma at
Thu Sep 25 17:30:10 CEST 2003

"Peter Otten" <__peter__ at> wrote in message
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> str is essentially a sequence of bytes that can store the same content in
> different ways:

That's clear so far ...

> Of course you could store the file in binary form (not in a memo field) in
> your db and thus bypass all encoding mechanisms, but if you still think
> that a string is a string is a string, you should reread the above or
> go for more detailed information on the matter.

... and that's exactly what I was looking for and what I would expect. My
string is a sequence of bytes, which I want to store in the database. And
exactly that sequence is what I want to have back. The encoding of the data
is stored in an extra column and handling of this information takes place in
another part of the application. But there are poinst where I need the
original data, so it's required for me to save and retrieve the string in
exactly the way I get it from the web.

BTW: How would you save binary data in an Access database? Access knows only
Memo fields or am I wrong?


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