Finally found a use for lambda!

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Mon Sep 15 10:46:09 CEST 2003

Roy Smith <roy at> wrote in news:roy-
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> My apologies for a somewhat silly posting, but after 6 years of hacking 
> Python, I finally found a use for lambda!  I wanted to write a unit test 
> to prove that a given dictionary does not have a given key.  Since 
> assertRaises requires its second argument to be something callable, 
> instead of writing:
>         self.assertRaises (KeyError, foo['bar'])
> I had to write:
>         self.assertRaises (KeyError, lambda: foo['bar'])

Pretty much the same idea hit me a few weeks ago. Even when the argument is 
callable with arguments, using lambda here makes the test read more clearly 
than you get without.

I think you should submit a change request to the documentation for 
assertRaises/failUnlessRaises that would add another paragraph pointing out 
that using a lambda for the callable expression allows any expression to be 
tested to be written inline.

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