Computer Programming for Everybody, a Newbie Project

Arthur ajsiegel at
Wed Sep 17 08:43:09 CEST 2003

Ron asks -

>Any other ideas would be appreciated. Meanwhile, I would be interested
>if anyone would offer thoughts on which of the 5 directions for future
>activity sound most interesting.

Sorry Ron.

Can you remind me what the connection to CP4E is, and why you are headlining
that slogan in connection with your work.

You, as did I with my own project, with sustained effort over a three year
period -  starting, let's say from scratch - produced something of which
each of us can hopefully be rightfully proud.

Three years of sustained effort.

But we seemed to have taken away different lessons.

My expereince led me to look upon the CP4E slogan quite askance.  Yours,
apparently, allowed you to embrace it.

It seems to me "everybody" who's imagination is ignited by something to the
extent that it carries them through 3 years of sustained effort can expect
to be doing "computer programming" somewhere along that line.

Not very surprising, really.

No slogans helped me along - that I do know.

It was three years of sustained effort.

For everybody?

Are we *required* to embrace that notion?

Yes everybody  - let's say - has that potential. But that was true before
Python came along.

For some - like myself - Python was a real factor in helping realize that
potential. I am a raving fan, in fact.

But I do not discount my 3 years of sustained effort as anything less than 3
years of sustained effort, and seem to  think that that was a bit of factor,
as well.

And would love to see the CP4E slogan go away now, peacefully and happily.


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