CGI Redirect to another page

Andrew Chalk achalk at
Wed Sep 24 10:45:54 CEST 2003

Thanks, good web search! I couldn't get "Location:URL" to work but META did.


"Andrew Dalke" <adalke at> wrote in message
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> Andrew Chalk:
> > Assume that I have a static HTML page that I want
> > displayed (e.g. index.htm). Other than 'print ...' is there any way to
> > redirect to this URL (for example, like Response.Redirect() in ASP)?
> The Response.Redirect likely works by putting something in
> the header.  The HTML page you have doesn't have access to
> the header.  However, you can use the meta tag to tell the
> browser to look elsewhere.  But that won't work for tools which
> don't parse the HTML.
> It's an easy web search (once you know the right keywords :) -
> "header redirect meta" and I found
>  "How can I redirect the user to another page ?"
> with three different answers
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>                     dalke at

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