John J. Lee jjl at
Thu Sep 11 19:27:38 CEST 2003

lefevrol at (Olivier Lefevre) writes:

> > It's got over 1,000 books -- I doubt they can ALL be best-sellers,
> > can they? 
> What I mean is that it seems to have only language or API how-to kind
> of books, i.e., those that appeal to working programmers, the largest 
> audience. A contrario look under Computer Science, AI or Functional 
> Programming: it's pitiful. Yet the CS book market is also large, 

Isn't that just because that's the kind of stuff O'Reilly publishes?
Addison-Wesley, Wiley &c. tend to do the books that are more on the
software engineering and CS side.

Or does Pearson Education have something to do with it -- I noticed
their site mentioning a 'Safari' a while back, and at the time assumed
that was a copy, but I think Alex mentioned them in this thread.  Are
Pearson and O'Reilly owned by a single company, or something?  I have
a vague recollection that Pearson owns some other companies...


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