spam killing with poplib

Simon Burton simonb at
Sat Sep 20 08:52:23 CEST 2003

This was so easy :)

Simon Burton.

#!/usr/bin/env  python

import sys
from time import sleep
from poplib import *

canit = """Newest Internet Critical Pack
New Internet Upgrade
Message: User unknown
Last Net Critical Patch
last pack
error notice
Failure Advice
failure message
Bug Message
Newest Internet Critical Pack
last net security pack
Latest Microsoft Security Upgrade
Latest Upgrade
Last Network Critical Update
Current Net Security Pack
new net pack
Last Network Security Pack
Security Pack
Security Update
Critical Upgrade
Undelivered Message
Security Upgrade
Net Update
security pack
Bug Letter
Network Pack
New Net Update
#print canit

def doit():
  mbox = POP3( "" )
  mbox.user( "XXX" )
  mbox.pass_( "XXX" )
  stat = mbox.stat()
  print "stat",stat
  ilist = mbox.list()
  olist = []
  for info in ilist[1]:
    info = str.split( info )
    i, sz = int(info[0]), int(info[1])
    spam = 0
    print "msg #%.3d\t%d"%( i, sz )
    header = i, 0 )[1]
    subject = ""
    sender = ""
    for line in header:
      #print "\t",line
      if line.startswith( "From:" ):
        sender = line
      if line.startswith( "Subject:" ):
        subject = line
      if line.startswith( "SUBJECT:" ):
        subject = line
      if line.startswith( "X-Spam-Level" ):
        spam = line.count( "*" )
    if subject:
      print "  "+subject
    if sender:
      print "  ", sender
    print "  spam", spam
    sz_chk = 140000<sz<170000 # check for this size range
    if sz_chk:
      print "  sz_chk"
      spam += 1
    for can in canit:
      if subject.count(can):
        print "  can it: '%s'"%can
        spam += 1
    print "  spam", spam
    if spam > 2: # life is harsh
      print "  dele"
      #mbox.dele( i ) # uncomment when you are ready

  print "quit"

while 1:

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