Building Imaging-1.1.4 on Solaris 9

Mark Nelson mn-nospam at
Thu Sep 11 12:38:06 CEST 2003


I'm trying to build Imaging 1.1.4 in Solaris 9, I get passwd the first
step i.e the building of libImging.  However when I execute a python build I get the following error - 

gcc -shared build/temp.solaris-2.9-sun4u-2.2/_imaging.o build/temp.solaris-2.9-s
un4u-2.2/decode.o build/temp.solaris-2.9-sun4u-2.2/encode.o build/temp.solaris-2
.9-sun4u-2.2/map.o build/temp.solaris-2.9-sun4u-2.2/display.o build/temp.solaris
-2.9-sun4u-2.2/outline.o build/temp.solaris-2.9-sun4u-2.2/path.o -LlibImaging -l
Imaging -ljpeg -lz -o build/lib.solaris-2.9-sun4u-2.2/
Text relocation remains                         referenced
    against symbol                  offset      in file
<unknown>                           0x14c       libImaging/libImaging.a(Unpack.o
<unknown>                           0x150       libImaging/libImaging.a(Unpack.o
<unknown>                           0x154       libImaging/libImaging.a(Unpack.o
<unknown>                           0x158       libImaging/libImaging.a(Unpack.o
<unknown>                           0x15c       libImaging/libImaging.a(Unpack.o
<unknown>                           0x160       libImaging/libImaging.a(Unpack.o

I have used the additional installation instructions as layed out in the
README, I'm using gcc-3.2.2 and python 2.2.2

Any Ideas?

Mark Nelson -
White Rose Grid, Department of Computer Science,
University of York Heslington, York, YO10 5DD 

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