Internal Debugger Question

Michael Hudson mwh at
Tue Sep 16 18:32:32 CEST 2003

llothar at (Lothar Scholz) writes:

> i'm currently writing a debugger for python and found that some
> modules store an absolute file path in "co_filename" of there
> methods/functions and some store a relative file path. Because the
> relative file path can never be expanded to an absolute file path
> later (the sys.path may have changed) it is impossible to find the
> source code location.
> Is there anything i have missed or is this simply a bug. I would
> highly recommend to fix this bug !

I belive this is one of the oldest open bug reports on SF... I spent a
few minutes looking at it, before deciding I didn't care enough to fix
it.  Your point of view may be different:

Be warned, the import code is some of the most frightening (to me,
anyway) code in Python.


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