Computer Programming for Everybody, a Newbie Project

Arthur ajsiegel at
Fri Sep 19 03:09:04 CEST 2003

Ron writes -

>But the CP4E slogan is using hyperbole to make a memorable >point...that
programming can be usefully extended to a far greater >audience.

You're a tough man to disagree with.  I had a long response prepared  (we
actually seem to have a lot in common), but in the end it really is just a
matter of one's taste for slogans, and more specifically for hyperbole in
slogans.  Probably nothing much more to it than that.

Nietzische meant exactly what he said and said exactly what he meant.

Having read a line, once.

Or that was the effort, at least.

When we approach the field of edcuation, and when we approach it
specifically advocating more and better programming education, I think we
should approach it saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

Would be a style with which I, personally,  am more comfortable, anyway.


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