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Tim Parkin tim.parkin at
Sun Sep 7 13:42:19 CEST 2003

Terry Ready said:
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> The pollenation site is one of the worst I have seen.  The mockup page
> has teeny type that IE will not enlarge.
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> I care that the site remain physically readable and that it remain a
> vehicle for information rather than childish egos.
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> Using IE6, I need a magnifying glass
> to read this page.  This is done in the arrogant style of 'we know
> better than you what type size you should have'.  Also known as the
> 'control the user experience' school.  Awful.  For me, one of the
> worse pages I have ever seen.  Anti-Pythonic.
> > interior page:
> Only slightly better.  The low contrast gray-on-gray comments page is
> also barely readable.  (Others reported the same.)  For my
> less-than-perfect 50+ year-old eyes, it is physically the WORST
> comments page I have ever seen.  It is a case study in
> anti-accessibility design.  The person responsible should not touch
> our site.

Perhaps the people who have commented on the site should realise it's a
proposal and a work in progress. As constructive comments go the only
feedback I have gathered is that the fonts are too small and the
contrast is
a little low. I've adjusted contrast on key elements and also increased
font size. These pages are here :

also bearing in mind that the html page will be accessible and hence
text resizing here is a sample of +1 text size.

Also, Terry, the design was an 'image', a 'mockup', a 'png' to be
it did not dictate font size. As far as accessibility is concerned, the
problem was the contrast and the font size both of which I've changed as
agree they were too low and too small respectively.

Although I agree that the font size should be bigger, the current site
not an exemplar of accessibility. The following example taken from the
interior page I have shown.The first is in comparison with my original
design, the second show a comparison with the amendments showing normal
+1 font sizing. (the text on my samples may benefit from increasing the
height using css)

As a side note, I haven't been to any school of 'control the user
experience'. Furthermore I think making comments such as accusing me of
having a 'childish ego' and being 'arrogant' are IMO extremely
and I would appreciate an apology. I am quite hurt and dissapointed to
such coments on what I had considered a respectable forum for discussion
although I'm sure they are not representative.

Tim Parkin

> I otherwise do not have too much concern about particulars and
> not much to contribute.

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