App development for Sharp Zaurus PDA using QTopia?

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Wed Sep 17 03:05:24 CEST 2003

The Python ipk file python_2.3-1.1_arm.ipk can be downloaded from
Riverbank software at .

I have used a lot of command line Python progams on my Zaurus and they
are quite fast and snappy. As for PyQt apps, there has been some
discussion of them on the Zaurus Zone web discussion board at and if you do  a search on PyQt there
you will see considerable information. The "gist" of the discussion
seems to be that PyQt works fine, and that for many purposes is
acceptably fast, but when using complex custom widgets (user
programmed as opposed to standard QT widgets), the performance can get
noticeably slower.

It has also been reported that AnyGui works fine on the Zaurus,
finding and using the Qt toolkit.

Ron Stephens

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