ANN: The release of BlackAdder V1.0.0 - this time for real :)

yaipa h. yaipa at
Fri Sep 19 06:13:15 CEST 2003

You have our permission to go out an buy that second monitor, 
so that this DREADFUL problem never happens again. ;^)
Someone has to run the regressions on a dual headed system
and you get our vote.

On a more serious note, you will find that you use the office printer
a whole lot less on a dual head machine.


"John Dean" <john at> wrote in message news:<3f6a2bd3$0$10998$fa0fcedb at>...
> Hi
> You may or may know that BA is based on the Qt GUI Application Toolkit, so
> you problem with the duel monitor set up is something I shall take up with
> Trolltech. Unfortunately, none of use at theKompany run a duel monitor setup
> so it is something that we are not aware of. Thank you for bring up this
> problem and I will get back to you with a solution or our proposal for a
> solution

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