How to accelerate python application GUI speed

Dave Brueck dave at
Wed Sep 3 04:09:22 CEST 2003

On Wednesday 03 September 2003 07:32 am, ulysses wrote:
> Hi,all
> I use wxPython make a bittorrent client. I find wxPython very slow and
> use many many memory.
> When app start, it need 19MB memory. I only use common GUI components.
> Python is a really good
> programming language. But how to do a small,smart, efficency GUI in
> win32,it's a big question.

Another option is to use Venster, which is based on ctypes. It'll have a 
pretty small memory and disk footprint (relatively speaking). It's not as 
mature or high-level as wx though, but if you're more or less familiar with 
Win32 GUI programming it's pretty straightforward.

If the GUI is pretty simple (a few dialog boxes) then you could just build the 
dialogs in something like Visual Studio and store them in a resource DLL, and 
then use Win32 calls to display them. You could also build the dialogs on the 
fly using Win32 calls (ctypes or win32all, although win32all has some nice 
helper routines - look at win32ui.CreateDialogIndirect for more info).


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