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>> > Some more looping thoughts - this time on integer for loops...
>I guess this should be a matter of optimization. Why don't the Python
>compiler recognize 'for <var> in [x]range(<from>,<till>):'? It should be
>pretty easy. Microsoft does marvels optimizing loops in C. Why an open
>source project like Python can't do it?

For all I know it does. Complaints about the 'xrange' notation are
normally about the syntax, not the efficiency. For instance, take this
quote from Guidos parade of PEPs...

PEP 284 - Integer for-loops - Eppstein, Ewing
Yet another way to address the fact that some people find 

    for i in range(10):

too ugly.

The word is "ugly", not "slow".

Steve Horne

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