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Wed Sep 24 20:13:18 CEST 2003

No. __init__(self) returns None. In fact, I'm not certain whether
it even checks for the value of the return. __init__()'s function is
to initialize the instance which is it's first parameter, you cannot
change the instance it is working on.

If you need to provide your own instance object, use __new__().

John Roth

"Batista, Facundo" <FBatista at uniFON.com.ar> wrote in message
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Studying the Tim Peter's FixedPoint code, found this:

# can we coerce to a float?
yes = 1
asfloat = float(value)
yes = 0
if yes:
self.__init__(asfloat, p)

This code is part of the __init__ method of the class.

The question is about the last two lines: When you call self.__init__(...),
doesn't it return a value that you should return too?

Thanks for all.

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