ANN: Rekall V2.1.0 beta1

BadJake john at
Fri Sep 5 00:23:02 CEST 2003

Rekall 2.1.0 Beta1 is out

The following is a list of new features new in this release


Rekall 2.1.0 introduces macros, in the same sense as another well known
database front end. Like python scripts, macros can be stored either in
separate macro objects. Macros are intended to provide a quick and easy way
to provide basic automation without needing a knowledge of the python
programming language. Beta1 has a basic set of macros, to be extended.


Report data view now features a drop-down page selector for quick navigation
where your report has a large number of pages. There is also a print this
page button. Also (under KDE) you can control the printing DPI, to handle
some obscure situations (like running Rekall/KDE under Gnome).


At last! Wizards. Initially wizards will be available to handle database
connection setup, and form and report creation (Beta1 has rather basic
connection and form wizards)


Under KDE3.1 (not 3.0) report data view has a page-selection tool and
print-page button. You can also set the DPI to handle situations like
running Rekall under Gnome, which uses a different resolution.


The copier can now use rekall-level queries as a data source, and also XML
in a restricted format. Column name information can be passed from the
source to the destination.

*Dumper and Loader

Rekall now comes with database dumper and loader functions, which can be
used to dump a database to a set of files, and to reload from the files.
Note that this is primarily intended for use with databases created with
rekall, and should not be viewed as a substitute for the RDBMS tools.


A whole bunch of bugs have been fixed (and, no doubt, a few more slipped
in). Please report the new ones!

Please visit for more information and to download a
copy of the demo

Best Regards

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