Embedded Perl or Python (XPost)

Chris rebel at removethis.rebel.com.au
Fri Sep 5 04:53:58 CEST 2003


I am posting this on both the perl and python groups

My intention is not to start a war or anything else, I would just like 
some pragmatic advice.

My apologies to the python group I am not very conversant with Python at 
this stage. that could change soon though.


I am developing a software project where a major portion of it is to 
enable script access to c++ classes  

The idea is to extend the basic functionality of the program by allowing 
third parties to write add ons that are called by my c++ classes as 
virtual functions.

So if I call vfunction(); and an add on has been written that redefines 
this function (and possibly calls the base c++ function) that it is 
called correctly.

I have chosen perl and python as my preferred languages because of the 
large developer base for add ons

The interpreter will only have a subset of the standard funtionality, for 
example sockets will be removed.


Given the above which interpreter is most likely to fit my bill with the 
smallest footprint ?

Thanks in advance

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