Code complete electronic version ?

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Sep 4 15:24:18 CEST 2003

Syver Enstad wrote:
> I agree that Code Complete is a very good book, but I also think it is
> getting somewhat long in the tooth. For once it doesn't cover
> object-orientation. On the topic of coding I wonder if people are not
> better off buying Refactoring by Martin Fowler and Kent Beck. On the
> topic of project managment and development practices I would think
> that the XP white book would be more up to date.

Although the XP white book (Kent Beck's) is quite out of date itself,
at least relative to the state-of-the-XP.

I'm not sure what I'd suggest as more current, unless it's to jump
directly to the TDD book, but while that would teach some *very good*
coding practices, it sort of gets away from the area covered by
Code Complete enough to be a questionable response to the OP.


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