Trouble Learning Zope

Bob Parnes rparnes at
Thu Sep 11 02:55:51 CEST 2003


I just installed zope, version 2.6.1-10 on a debian distribution, but I
cannot get to second base. When I try to add the tutorial to a folder, I
get an error message stating that an emergency user cannot own an
object. So I clicked onto the help page and found the tutorial there.
But I got the same error when I tried to follow it. Then I created a new
user account and restarted zope. But it would not accept a login as the
new user, only as the original, 'emergency' user. As things stand, I can
bring up zope on my browser but cannot do anything in it.

I have the online version of the Zope Book but could find no reference
to an emergency user.

What can I do to straighten things out. Thanks for any help.

Bob Parnes
rparnes at

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