force gtk modal window to keep focus

brian newsgroupacc at
Tue Sep 2 17:31:40 CEST 2003


I am beginner using Python 1.52, GTK 1.2.10, and Glade .0.6.2 to
develop a gui which will kick off various scripts.  After checking
some configurations I would like to pop up a window warning the user
of any problems and force them to respond to this window before
returning to the main window.  I use a modal dialog window and set the
main window to be insensitive.  This works fine but the way my window
manager(MWM) is setup(in the .mwmrc) is to raise a window when clicked
on.  So if the dialog is up and the user clicks on the main window the
dialog becomes hidden and nothing can happen.  I can change this raise
property on my machine but I don't know how a user's window manager
will be setup.  Is this a common problem?  Does anyone have a nice
solution?  All I can think of is to try and disable events/signals for
the mainwindow or add callbacks for when the focus is lost in the
dialog window.  I know my versions are out of date but it's what I
have to work with.

thank you.

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