Polymorphism the Python way

Bertel Lund Hansen nospamius at lundhansen.dk
Tue Sep 2 16:34:37 CEST 2003

Daniel Klein skrev:

>It's not a problem really. I just thought there would be a better,
>more elegant way to achieve polymorphism without using getters.

A note on words:

If a class operates with for instance a bullet, then derived
classes thereof may operate with a metal bullet, a rubber bullet,
a grenade or a missile. They all operate as bullets, and the fact
that the same object can be instantiated as many different
things, is called polymorphism. "Poly morph" = "many shaped".

"Encapsulation" is the word that describes the effort(s) to make
it impossible for the user of a module to access the attributes
(and hidden methods) directly and only allow him to do it through
public methods with build-in check so that no disasters occur.

Bertel, Denmark

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