Jakle jakle1 at
Mon Sep 29 05:28:27 CEST 2003

That's great. You guys have no idea how much that helped. And I love that
debugging tip. For some reason I thought that the 2 statements after the
recursion call, "result = n * recurse" and "return result" weren't executed
till n == 0. If you can't tell, I'm new to this. But I'm dedicated. I want
to thank you guys soooo much for taking the time to help out. I'm sitting
here jumping for joy because it's alittle more clear :-) I can't wait till
it's me helping out in the future. I'm still alittle confused about why the
flow of execution goes down then up again, but I now have the tools to look
at it in a better light. Time to get my nose in the book again, then write
another function using the same logic in order to make sure I understand.
Thanks again :-)

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