Embedded Perl or Python (XPost)

Chris rebel at removethis.rebel.com.au
Wed Sep 10 05:40:42 CEST 2003

Chris <rebel at removethis.rebel.com.au> wrote in
news:c907a3eba2b531449c8dc7a212285911 at news.teranews.com: 

> Hi
> I am posting this on both the perl and python groups


> Given the above which interpreter is most likely to fit my bill with
> the smallest footprint ?
> Thanks in advance
> Chris

Ok Guys thanks for the input

I have decided to try and take the best of both worlds (why not)

Size restrictions permitting I will include both a PERL interpreter and a 
Python Interpreter 

at least as a users choice

That way I get all you wonderful developers creating fab scripts to 
extend my software 



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