OT: Americans love their guns

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Thu Sep 11 15:47:56 CEST 2003

>I think it's a mistake to cite Lott here. As an >extreme libertarian he
>has shown his own bias a couple of times. His >famous "More guns, less
>crime" findings has been challenged recently >>(see e.g.
>and he could not produce any evidence whatsoever that his telephone
>survey on the crime-repelling effects of gun carrying has been actually

I have never owned a gun, nor can off-hand think of anyone I know well who
does own a gun.

So am not excitable on the issue.

But I do find that the repeated use of statistics in this thread is quite
the problem, not quite the solution.  Those claiming a right to gun
ownership are specifically claiming the irrelevancy of such analysis.  That
is exactly, in many ways, the point - it seems to me.

Statistically, they have exactly one family.  And statistically have the
right - in their to view - to do exactly what they statistically decide is
necessary to protect that statistic.

To in fact specifically not be a statistic.

Yes, there is something quite American about that viewpoint.  God bless.


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