ANN: The release of BlackAdder V1.0.0 - this time for real :)

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Fri Sep 19 15:14:58 CEST 2003

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> > John, is Ken right that buying the commercial BlackAdder license means
> > you don't have to pay for the TT license too?  Certainly a good deal
> > if so.
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> Yes, please answer about this topic. This is one thing that would be
> great but there is also no clue on the website about it.

The web page mentions a number of times that nothing else is required,

Quotes from the BA web page:

"BlackAdder gives the programmer, in a single package, all they need
to develop sophisticated applications."

" A complete cross-platform Integrated Development Environment for
developing GUI applications in Python and Ruby. You don't need
anything else."

"Personal and Business Editions. The Business Edition includes
optional support and the rights to distribute the run-time elements
with your application at no extra charge."

"Detailed Features...
The Professional version of the Qt GUI toolkit (v3.x) including:
    * the Canvas module
    * the Table module
    * the Database module
    * Qsocket, QserverSocket, and Qhost Address classes from the
Network module."

"Business Edition Features...
#  Includes the rights to distribute the run-time elements (except
mxODBC) with your application. "

BlackAdder requires Python version 2.2.x. "

Although it doesn't explicity say .. "You are NOT required to buy QT
or PyQT
licenses..."  it says a number of times .. that nothing else is
required to make
and distribute full blown applications, and it also lists the only
as Python 2.2.x.  So with all that info one must "assume" QT and PyQT
are included with BA!!!


Ray Smith

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