pygtk clist usage

Ted Holden medved at
Fri Sep 12 14:28:59 CEST 2003

David M. Cook wrote:

> BTW, CList is deprecated (meaning it will go away in the next major gtk
> release).  ListStore/TreeView can be a bit hard to make the transition to,
> though, as the documentation is rather scattered and fragmentary.  Best
> sources of info are...

I've been trying to take a look at the TreeView/ListStore model.  I mean,
you've gotta be kidding.  Who do you expect to want to try to figure that
out in order to use a simple listbox?  

Other than that, I'm seeing a conceptual problem with the pygtk
documentation is that it appears to all be oriented towards coding gtk
objects by hand.

In real life, most people are going to want to use glade to design gui's,
and this is not laziness on the part of programmers.  Having the gui
sitting there in an XML file is a hell of a neat thing.  The application
I'm working on, which works at this point, used to look like about 3000
lines of code in a Tcl/Tk version, in which Tk code was wound in and around
app code so thoroughly that it was difficult even for me to read.  The
glade/pygtk/swig version looks like about 400 lines of code which is very
easy to read and work with;  again, all the gui code is sitting there in an
XML file.

The idea of coding guis by hand is probably unacceptable to most people at
this point.

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