Great work

Chui Tey teyc at
Mon Sep 8 20:53:52 CEST 2003


Well done. We often have trouble trying to convince them that python is not
a "left-field" tool and is suited for mainstream use. The design truely
speaks to these people who feel they will not be fired for buying Microsoft
or Java.

It also speaks to potential developers who see wonderful things are being
done with python.

It doesn't do much for existing developers, and I don't think it is
necessary. When I first started python, python was my browser's home page
and then I pretty much moved away from that as the page is far too static.
You could have a python developers blog aggregator similar to the one at

The most disaffected lot in the newsgroups are
1) those who couldn't tell the difference between an image and html
2) people who replace E with 3 in their vocabulary

Keep this up. Good things will come from it.


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